The registration process takes into account several categories, such as, Institutional, Student, Speaker or Professional/Private citizen, and remember that we also have to payment dates.



  1. Make the deposit - Deposit in name of Universidad Militar Nueva Granada , using your identification number and full name with your corresponding registration fee according to the “table of registration categories” in the collection format of any of the following banks:

  2. - Banco Itaú Account No. 1820. National collection format

    - Banco BBVA account No. 040015-600-6 using Full name, ID number and manual collecting code 001711.

    NOTE 1: The registration fee will not be refunded. Be careful when you deposit.

  3. Confirmation of registration - The day after you make the deposit and before the due date, under the subject INSCRIPCIÓN send via email to the following information:
    1. Names and last names
    2. Identity card number or student code if is an student of the Universida Militar Nueva Granada.
    3. Date of the payment.
    4. Category:Institutional, Student, Speaker or Professional/Private citizen (Note 1). (See Note 2)
    5. Value of Deposit (See Note 2)
    6. Email (See Note 3)


  • If your category is Institutional or student, attach to the email a digital copy of your student identification, grad identification, official identification of the institution which you belongs. That same ID you send us will be required during the conference.
  • To pay for groups send only a mail with the supports of all people.
  • If your category is Speaker, please indicate ID of paper/work and title.
  • NOTE 3:

  • A pre-registration for our Workshops is neccesary. This procedure will be published soon.
  • Important Dates