The registration process take into account several categories, such as, Institutional, Student, Speaker or Professional/Private citizen, and also between payment dates.


Registration steps:
  1. Deposit at name of the Universidad Militar Nueva Granada, putting your identification number and entire names, registration fee according to the “table of registration categories” in the collection format of any of the following banks:
  2. Banco Itaú Account No. 1820. National collection format
  3. Deposits outside Bogotá without Banco Itaú branch office
    Deposit the registration fee acording to the category and due date in the Banco BBVA account No. 040015-600-6 at name of Universidad Militar Nueva Granada relating Name, Identity card number and manual collecting code 001711.
    NOTE: The registration fee will be not reimbursed.
  4. Confirmation of registration
    The day after make the deposit and before the due date, under the subject INSCRIPCIÓN send via email to the following information:
    • Names and last names.
    • Identity card number or student code if is an student of the Universida Militar Nueva Granada.
    • Date of the payment.
    • Category:Institutional, Student, Speaker or Professional/Private citizen (Note 1).
    • Value of the deposit,
    • email (Note 2)
Note 1:
  • If your category is Institutional or student, annex a digital copy of your student identification, grad identification, official identification of the institution which you belongs. The original identification will be required during the conference.
  • If your category is Speaker, please indicate ID of paper/work and title.
Note 2: It is neccesary a pre-registration for Workshops. This procedure will be published soon.